Welcome to spoccer.com the club website for the magificient Spoccer FC of Asheville, NC. If you're inclined, check out our Facebook Page. If you are a player on Spoccer make sure to join the Facebook Page and also ask to join the Google Group rosters to stay tuned on the latest and greatest club wise.


Spoccer FC is entirely a recreation based soccer club that can only survive based on the kind donations from members and fans. If you would like to contribute a couple of dollars please feel free to follow the donation button below or give one of our captains a few spare bucks. Rest assured all proceeds will go to a great cause within the club (support players that need it, buy gear, balls, for awards etc. etc.).


The club currently consists of 3 Open mens teams the Sentinels (D2), United (D3), the Sultans (D4) and our 3 coed teams, the Titans (D3), Spartans (D2) and FootRX (D1). We also have an over 40's Mutt's team and a Ladies squad the Spoccer Sirens. If you are interested in joining us feel free to email david@spoccer.com!